Top 5 attacked User IDs

Meet your new password.

Protect yourself from automated attacks by not using five user IDs.

These five user IDs comprised 99.73% of the automated login attacks.

We recently developed a new, secure way to login to Linux servers. Dubbed Sekur SSH, it eliminates passwords with a 3-Factor Authentication process.

Excited about the theoretical security model, we decided to put it to a real-life test – an unprotected server directly accessible from the internet. No firewalls, no protection other than Sekur SSH.

It only took a minute or two before the automated login attacks started. In our first day, we received over 35,000 automated attacks. To ensure that we were not favoring a particular flavor of Linux, we added additional unprotected servers, covering Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu and Debian.

In this study, our servers received over one million login attempts. Used in 99.73% of automated attacks, these five user IDs should not be used, to protect yourself against data breaches.

User IDs to Avoid:

1. root

2. admin

3. mysql

4. user

5. support

The good news for Sekur SSH is that none of the one million plus attacks were successful, because if you don’t have a password, it can’t be stolen or guessed, and you can't get in.

If you’d like more information about this study or join the free beta program for Sekur SSH, please contact me at info @

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