How were John Podesta's and General Colin Powell's emails hacked and what can you do to prot

We did some more research into the email breaches of John Podesta/DNC and General Colin Powell, discovering how the breaches happened (both happened the same way), and confirming that Sekur Me's Login would have stopped these email breaches. domain emails used for the presidential election is a gSuite/Google Apps account. According to Motherboard, John Podesta received a fake email (below) from Google, claiming his password was stolen, and subsequently asking him to change it.

The "Change Password" process asks for the old password and then for a new one to replace it, giving the hackers access to the old (Original) password. With their original password, the hackers were able to access their email accounts.

If John Podesta had used Sekur Me's Login, there would be no need for a password, and hackers would not have been able to breach his emails. The fake email would have been immediately recognized as a fake, because if you don't have a password, there is no need to change it.

Even Hillary Clinton’s IT staff (see below) thought the fake Google email was real. Sekur Me would have protected them in spite of their mistake. Since you need to have your phone to login, the hackers would not have been able to login into Podesta’s account, even if they had the password.

Bottom Line:

If you don’t have a password, it can’t be stolen!

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