Allows Shoppers to Pay Online with Their Fingerprint

First iOS and Android App for Touch Login and Payment

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb. 25, 2015—SEKUR Me, Inc. today announced it has integrated Apple Touch ID and Samsung fingerprint recognition feature into its (pronounced “secure me”) patented mobile online payment app. Instead of filling out checkout forms for purchasing items on eCommerce and mCommerce sites, shoppers can securely purchase items with just their fingerprint for the first time ever in as little as five seconds. It’s akin to Apple Pay™ (if that service were available for online payments).

The app with fingerprint recognition eliminates the payment friction caused by filling out checkout forms on eCommerce sites. Typically, users enter data such as billing and shipping addresses, credit card numbers and other information. These forms typically require typing 150 characters or more on a tiny keyboard, constantly shifting between letters, numbers and symbols as well as frequent backspacing to correct typos. Users often give up in frustration and abandon their shopping cart.

According to Harris Interactive consumer research, 66 percent of transactions are abandoned. The payment friction is responsible for a 12 percent abandonment rate.

The app reduces the number of keystrokes to a single click. Users select a product or scan a QR code and use their fingerprint to make the payment in as little as five seconds.

“In our user tests,” said Jack Bicer, founder and CEO of SEKUR Me Inc., “the comment I most commonly heard was ‘Wow! This is the best payment experience I’ve ever seen.’ That’s because the app is fast, secure and extremely easy to use.”

According to LastPass, an average user went from 21 passwords to 81 passwords in five years, which makes it impossible for anyone to use strong passwords and remember them. Weak passwords are a primary entryway for identity thieves and hackers. By incorporating commercial-grade multi-factor authentication, which uses the smartphone’s unique hardware and the user’s unique fingerprint, the app eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. “If you don’t have a password, it can’t be stolen,” Bicer added. Authentication occurs before any transaction takes place, making the app one of the most secure online payment methods available anywhere.

As an added bonus, the rapid transaction process eliminates decision points common in filling out checkout forms, where buyers can opt out and abandon their shopping carts.

Sekur me can also be integrated into other IOS and Android apps for frictionless secure login.

Sekur Me also released the SEKUR eHealth solution, which provides online and mobile payments with fingerprints, and is specifically designed for the healthcare industry. “With SEKUR eHealth, there is nothing to steal,” Bicer explained. “Our eHealth solution does not contain any PII or PHI, and supports HIPAA/HITRUST as well as PCI.”

About SEKUR Me, Inc.

Founded by Jack Bicer, the inventor of Uninstall and Automatic Software Updates, privately-held SEKUR Me, Inc. eliminates the online payment friction for eCommerce and mCommerce sites. Its patented technology combines single-click convenience with multi-factor authentication, providing convenience and security. also eliminates user IDs and passwords for safer logins. For more information, visit or email

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