Apple Pay Legitimizes Mobile Web Payments

Today, Apple announced the ability to pay with Apple Pay on your iPhone, while shopping on your Mac's Safari browser. Fantastic news! Thank you Apple for having the foresight to acknowledge and legitimize mobile payments for the web. It was attractively demoed while shopping on your laptop or desktop and paying with Apple Pay looked very nice.

But there is something that did not make sense.

Apple has about 7.4% of the global personal computer market. And you need the new Mac OS Sierra to use Apple Pay for web payments. Yosemite and El Capitan combined have about 5% global OS market share. It will be a while before Sierra and future Mac operating systems can reach that level.

What’s more, both your phone and your Mac need to be on the same iCloud account, share the same Wi-Fi network, and be connected via Bluetooth to make web payments with Apple Pay. And don't plan on using Chrome or Firefox. You'll need shop with Safari.

Apple Pay can work with Windows, Mac or even Linux browsers. Sekur Me already does web payments with Apple Pay on all popular Mac, Windows and Linux browsers, as well as mobile browsers. From Windows XP to Windows 10, from Tiger to El Capitan and beyond. Without the need to share the same Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or iCloud accounts.

Why would Apple announce a solution for only maybe 5% of the market? How will they address the remaining 95% of online shoppers?

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